In honor & remembrance:

Susie 9/16/68-11/22/82

Amy 6/7/82-12/18/02 Welcome
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For all of the silenced souls-
who needed to be loved, 
who needed to be listened to, 
who needed to be nurtured, respected, and understood 
for the beautiful beings that they were, but would never fully become.
Freedom is what you           
 do with what's been            
done to you~           

      Jean Paul Sartre
Being vulnerable means 
being alive, and there is
 no other way of really
 knowing love without
 embracing it unreservedly. 

 All the Days of his Dying
 Marlena Frick

“Shadow Dance” courtesy of Anna Sea at

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Everybody thought you were perfect- thruout all of your days
But you couldn’t go the distance-you just gave up along the way
You were so lucky, so beautifvl & loving- but that didn’t keep you
You just needed to end the pain-

 So fly along now Sweet Sister-guide me thru time
To forgive you for your freedom-until it’s my time
My love for you is still strong
 And always will be--I hope that you’re happy...

           For now you are free...
       12/20/82 sn

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