In honor & remembrance:

Susie 9/16/68-11/22/82

Amy 6/7/82-12/18/02
Freedom is what you           
 do with what's been            
done to you~           

      Jean Paul Sartre
Being vulnerable means 
being alive, and there is
 no other way of really
 knowing love without
 embracing it unreservedly. 

 All the Days of his Dying
 Marlena Frick
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One of the best Ptsd/trauma sites around-loaded with information & resources David Baldwin's trauma pages

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PTSD Sanctuary

Trauma articles Bessel Van der Kolk M.D.

Organization for survivors of trauma & victimization- includes articles, resources & support Gift from Within

Articles on Children & Trauma

Child abuse & its effects on brain development

PTSD & Children

Trauma Central

Child Trauma Institute

Stress, Trauma & Sleep in Children

Post-Traumatic Stress Response in Children & Adolescents

PTSD & the brain

Information for children on dealing with the death of a sibling

Article on recovery from the "unnatural death"

PTSD-identification & diagnosis

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Trauma Anonymous includes message board

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

Psychological Trauma

PTSD Alliance

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European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies links

PTSD & physical health

The PTSD Brain

Neuropsychology of PTSD

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Running towards your light-Darkness trails me from behind
You’ve been my sanctuary, my sun amongst the storms
Leading me out of darkness-Sheltering me from desolation...

My hand holds yours so tight-as you pull me into the light...
Guiding me, healing me
From this darkness I emerge
Safe within your Peace
You have anchored and secured me---
My soul becoming cleansed and whole once again-- 5/97sn

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