In honor & remembrance:

Susie 9/16/68-11/22/82

Amy 6/7/82-12/18/02
Freedom is what you           
 do with what's been            
done to you~           

      Jean Paul Sartre
Being vulnerable means 
being alive, and there is
 no other way of really
 knowing love without
 embracing it unreservedly. 

 All the Days of his Dying
 Marlena Frick
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Befrienders International Provides e-mail & phone support for those in need. Includes list of telephone hotline numbers.

Samaritans UK provides e-mail & phone support

Teen Education and Crisis Hotline

National Center for Suicide Prevention Training Includes extensive list of articles/resources

Suicide Prevention Action Network

Site for the prevention of teen suicide

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

Statistics/resources on suicide from the CDC
Suicide prevention factsheet

Resources/support group for survivors of suicide

Suicide links

Sibling Survivors

Crisis, Grief & Healing


Magnesium Deficiency & Suicide

Electrolytes & Mental Illness

Going back to the Spirit-The eternal flame within
It has died to an ember-The faintest flicker of light
So weary, exhausted from its journey
The storms surrounding it-have all but extinguished its flame

The chaos within has forced the light deeper
A descent into the depths of darkness
Undaunted, somehow it resists its death
It endeavors to Live-To make its way upward

A spark within, we try to ignite the flame
Will the fury of forces silence it once again...or will it prevail...
And radiate within its own illumination...6/97sn

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