In honor & remembrance:

Susie 9/16/68-11/22/82

Amy 6/7/82-12/18/02
Freedom is what you           
 do with what's been            
done to you~           

      Jean Paul Sartre
Being vulnerable means 
being alive, and there is
 no other way of really
 knowing love without
 embracing it unreservedly. 

 All the Days of his Dying
 Marlena Frick
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She came out from the darkness--then unto your light
An invisible presence--not within sight
Though boundaries--they separate
Keep us distant--and apart
My Soul--still feels your heart...

I can hear your sorrow ascend across the ocean
I can feel your pain race along the sea
As the waves rush upon the land
They carry your suffering to me...

Oceans apart--
sn/2001~~For M.

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