In honor & remembrance:

Susie 9/16/68-11/22/82

Amy 6/7/82-12/18/02
Freedom is what you           
 do with what's been            
done to you~           

      Jean Paul Sartre
Being vulnerable means 
being alive, and there is
 no other way of really
 knowing love without
 embracing it unreservedly. 

 All the Days of his Dying
 Marlena Frick
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 professional when undertaking any new treatments or advice.

A story of Healing

Voices & Visions

Ontos -A Center for Being

Highly Sensitive Person This site discusses the HSP & their sensitive nervous system


Huge collection of resources & articles on all aspects of mental health Psychcentral

Dr. Ivanís links on mood disorders psycom

Informative site on depression, bipolar disorder, ocd, etc. psycheducation

Psychological Self-Help


Volunteers in Psychotherapy

Psychiatry Online

Mental health links/Dr. Bob

Alice James (sister of William James), and her misdiagnosed mental condition

Cultural Creativity-ikosmos

A new mental illness?


Mental Health Matters

Lost Soul Companion


A new way to look at mental illness-This site is filled with resources for many different conditions, and discusses how many physical conditions masquerade as mental illness Alternative Mental Health

Essential fatty acids & their link to mental health

Omega 3/depression & bipolar

Joint hypermobility and the anxiety connection

Joint Hypermobility/Pain

Orthostatic Intolerance diagnosed as anxiety/mental disorder

Orthostatic Intolerance

A new mental illness?

Chronic Orthostatic Intolerance


Fatigue & your child

EDS-connective tissue disease which has symptoms of hypermobility & dysautonomia

This is an incredible site filled with information on the nutrition/disease connection CTD site

Electrolytes & Mental Illness

Psychiatric presentations of medical illness

Schizophrenia Association of Great Britain

Nutrition & Mental Health

Orthomolecular Medicine

Migraine/Bipolar connection

Food & your moods fatigue/fibromyalgia website

Touch Research Institute-Research on massage therapy in the treatment of anorexia, depression, PTSD, etc.


Sacred Sites-Places of Peace & Power

Earth Sanctuary resources

Creating a Sacred Space

Books on Environmental Design/Psychology

CHRONOBIOLOGY-how light, weather, and the biological clock influence our moods

Biological Clocks & Bipolar Disorder

Chronobiological links

Biological Rhythms in Mood Disorders

Circadian Rhythm & Mood Disorders

Chronobiologist links

Society for Light Treatment & Biological Rhythms


Soft Bipolar Spectrum

Bipolar News

Bipolar II

Bipolar World

Bipolar II & III

Bipolar Spectrum Disorder

Manic Depression/Autism

Schizophrenia/Schizotypal personalities & Sensitivity

Schizotypal? another view

Social Anxiety


BPD resources

BPD Sanctuary

Mental Health disorder links

Dissociative Disorder links

All About

OCD Spectrum

OCD Foundation


Synesthesia/mixed senses


Positivity Central

Positive Psychology

Authentic Happiness

INPM-International Network on Personal Meaning


Transpersonal links

Transpersonal Lifestreams

Transpersonal Psychology links

Transpersonal Internet


Personality Psychology links

Personality links

Schizotypal Personality Style vs. Disorder

Social Psych links includes personality quiz links

Artistic Personality Type


Virginia Satir links

C.G.Jung page


Spiritual Psychology

Neuropsychology Central

Self-Help Resources

Clinical Social

Becoming-A Quest for Spirit

Association for Humanistic Psychology

Survivors Art Foundation

PsycPort News from the world of Psychology

American Orthopsychiatric Organization Interdisciplinary approaches to mental health

Positive Disintegration

All Psych Virtual Psychology Classroom

Psybersquare Self-help Community



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Sky Bleeds Scorpio

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Ethereal Voices

The beauty that exists within your eyes overwhelms me...
An intoxicating love, it transforms me into a new being
A healing love, which takes me down so many paths-
Roads unforeseen-on my spiritual journey

Youíve been an inspiration to my weakened soul
The force that guides me towards my goals
My safety, my sanity, and sanctuary
My Angel, My Peace
My restored faith in the world-and a new life...7/97sn

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